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Get Business Details in Writing

Build and secure better business relationships

  • Business ContractsWhether you provide services or sell goods, you can customize this contract with the terms you want for your business deal.
  • Service Contracts: Define the specific services that you will offer or that will be provided by another business. We offer specialized contracts for accounting services and computer service contracts, along with contracts for creative work, such as editorfreelance writer and graphic design contracts.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement: Make sure you have signed agreements with every consultant or freelancer who does work for you.
  • Release of Liability: As an operator of a business, use this form to release your company from liability for any injuries or damages sustained by a participant in an activity either owned or sponsored by your business.
  • Equipment Lease: Use this contract if you will be leasing equipment or plan to lease out your own equipment. You can also use this agreement if you have an LLC and plan to lease your personal equipment, like your car, to your business.

Protect What's Yours

Keep competitors from using your best ideas

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: Ask potential employees to sign this before interviews so your proprietary information doesn't leave the building.
  • Provisional Patent Application: Protect your product or invention in advance of a full patent filing. A provisional filing allows you to use the "Patent Pending" notice and establish an official patent filing date.

Be a Smart Employer

Prevent employment and contract disputes

  • Noncompete Agreement: Use this agreement to prevent a former employee or business partner from competing against you.
  • Employment Agreement: Use this agreement to specify the rights and obligations of all your full time or salaried employees.
  • Employee Handbook: Make sure that the people working for you have guidelines and clearly understand what's expected of them.

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Share, sign, and stay organized. Sign online and invite others to sign to make your document legally binding in seconds.

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